2 x 8oz Cinema Quality Popcorn Kit, Premium Corn, Butter Salt ,Oil, Popcorn bags

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Allan's Party Supplies

2 x 8oz Cinema Quality Popcorn Kit, Butter Salt, Popping Corn, Popcorn Oil, & 20 Small Printed Popcorn Bags. This will make  approx 20 small bags of popcorn that taste & smell like your at the movies.

Our Popcorn Kit are  excactly the same as the cinema buys

By using our cinema quality popcorn kits the corn will pop larger it will taste & smell the same as the cinemas popcorn.

This will impress you friends on movie nights, or just for parties.

We also sell other popcorn supplies eg, Popcorn Bags, Popping Corn, Popcorn Oil & Popcorn Salt. We have Popcorn machine hire in the Central Coast & Newcastle Area.

We can cater for any amount you need, don't hesitate to contact us 1300 530 722 or email allanspartysupplies@gmail.com


Payment must be made within 2 days, unless more time is given by prior arrangement.