12 x 500g Tubs,Fairy Floss Flossine Make 60000 Serves, Suits All Machines,

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Flossine, Fairy Floss Sugar Concentrate

12 x 500g Tubs

You choose the flavours

Each tub makes 5000 sticks so you can make 60,000 in total

The most essential ingredient to create one of the best flavoured fairy floss. Flossine has been used in Australia for well over 50 years and is the best tasting, best smelling flavouring to mix with sugar to make top quality fairy floss.


Most large & small business use Flossine, however, many professional midway operators simply add about one or two tablespoons Flossine to every 5kg of regular granulated sugar. Mix thoroughly and it's ready to use. Flossine has been a favorite of professional Fairy Floss operators since Gold Medal introduced it in 1948. Flossine absolutely will not clog the ribbon heating elements. However, be careful of the sugar you mix with - some contains corn starch which will clog the ribbons! Flossine gives your Fairy Floss the proper look - the proper aroma - and a great taste in every flavour! Be sure to change colors every time you fill the floss head. A variety of colors helps you sell more.

Flavour List:

When checking out if you do not specify colour we will provide you Vanilla Pink which is what 95% of all customers eat.

Vanilla Pink * Cherry Red * Blue Raspberry



Strawberry Pink * Lemon Yellow *Orange



Pina Colada *Sassy Apple *Bubble Gum



Watermelon *Grape Purple *Banana 

New Lime Green & Green Watermelon